ISI Thomson Reuters selected British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research for Emerging Sources Citation Index

We are delighted to inform that ISI Thomson Reuters selected JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL (ISSN: 2456-9119) for Emerging Sources Citation Index.

Following products will be covering British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (ISSN: 2231-2919)

ISI MASTER JOURNAL LIST (Screenshot1Screenshot2)

Emerging Sources Citation Index (Screenshot1Screenshot2)


We hope that all are aware that as per the recommendation of different reputed indexing organizations and following the requests of researchers and editors, title of this journal has been changed.  British Journal of Pharmaceutical Research’ continued as ‘Journal of Pharmaceutical Research International’.


We heartily congratulate Prof. Alyautdin Renad N and Prof. Ali Nokhodchi (Chief Editors of this journal) for the success, which is the result of their relentless hard work, sincerity and passion to develop this journal.


We congratulate all peer reviewers and editors for this success. We are extremely thankful to our peer reviewers and editors for making ‘Advanced OPEN peer review system’ a great success. In order to maintain highest level of transparency and high standard of review, this journal presently follows highly respected and toughest Advanced OPEN peer-review system. We hope that you will appreciate this Advanced OPEN peer-review system, which is expected to give doubtless scholarly benefit and impact to the authors in long run. Additionally we strongly encourage and promote “Post-publication Peer review” by our comment section.

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Ms. M. B. Mondal, Ph.D.